The North Marin Water District

$4,600,000 North Marin Water District 2018 Revenue Loan (Bank Qualified) which closed on March 22, 2018 .  Served as placement agent for the District on the 2018 Loan by preparing an offering memorandum and soliciting bids from eight financial banking institutions.  Placed the unrated, 15-year  loan with JP Morgan Chase Bank at 2.69% , 20 basis points lower than the then current  Bloomberg AAA rate index of 2.89% for the 15-year maturity.



Merced Irrigation District

$19,820,000 Merced Irrigation District Financing Authority Electric System Revenue Bonds, Series 2017A which closed on August 8, 2017.  Served as co-senior manager with Citigroup.  Details of the issue are available through EMMA using CUSIP 587620AW5 (October 1, 2042 term maturity).



Byron Bethany joint powers authority

$2,585,000 Byron Bethany Joint Powers Authority Series 2012 Wastewater Refunding Revenue Bonds (Wastewater Project of 2007).  Prepared Annual Continuing Disclosure Certificate  for submittal in October 2017 to the Electronic Municipal Market Access (“ EMMA”)  Repository of the Municipal Services Rulemaking Board (“MSRB”).