Mari Fu, Managing Director & Head
of Municipal Trading

Mari is nationally recognized as an expert in high grade fixed income securities, specifically the asset category which consists of tax-exempt and taxable pre-refunded and escrowed municipal obligations. In 1995 she and several colleagues, including Sue Metcalf, co-founded the investment firm of Morton Clarke Fu & Metcalf. From 2010 through July of 2017 Mari was the Head of Municipal trading at Sutter Securities Inc., the same position that she currently holds at Caldwell Sutter Capital Inc following the merger of Sutter's Fixed Income Department with Caldwell Securities in July of 2017.

Mari's fixed income expertise, in addition to identifying and locating intrinsic value, also extends to portfolio structuring, i.e., providing valuable input with respect to all important decisions concerning asset allocation, and, the "laddering" or, optimizing of return while providing cyclical resilience for a portfolio created for high net worth individual clients that properly reflects their individual circumstances and corresponding investment profile.


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