Caldwell Sutter Capital is an SEC Registered Investment Adviser offering separately managed accounts. Portfolios are constructed based on the client’s return and risk objectives. When working with an advisory client we also factor in the liquidity needs, tax status, time horizon, and unique circumstances of the client. We’ve been managing separately managed accounts since inception in 1982 on both a discretionary and non-discretionary basis.

Our focus is buy and hold value investing using fundamental analysis and rigorous research to identify investment opportunities. Our expertise is investing in securities with liquidity discounts, minority share discounts, and marketability discounts. We believe that the market is less efficient in pricing these types of securities, which are typically not followed by other investment firms or otherwise not well known to the investing public. 


Fixed Income Portfolio Services

Caldwell’s fixed income team offers customized portfolio services to wealthy individuals, businesses and institutions. Portfolio construction is based on identifying the risk and return objectives of the client and matching them with appropriate duration and credit risk profiles. The consideration of liquidity needs, tax status, and the unique circumstances of the client are an integral part of the portfolio construction, subsequent monitoring, and future rebalancing. Cash management and scheduling of periodic disbursements are coordinated to help the client maximize total return, flexibility, and convenience. 


Institutional Trading

Caldwell Sutter Capital, Inc. works with money managers, advisors, municipal mutual funds, and Institutions to source municipal and corporate bonds that match their investment criteria.


Public Finance

Caldwell Sutter Capital, Inc.  provides banking and advisory services for states, cities, counties, special districts, non-profit corporations and other local government entities in need of assistance on all aspects involving municipal financing. While its services focus primarily on the issuance or refinancing of debt, including underwriting and secondary trading, Caldwell also provides expert municipal advisory guidance on debt issuance, debt management and feasibility analysis. Typical areas of financing expertise include general purposes, utilities (water, wastewater, waste disposal, public power, alternative energy, communications facilities), public infrastructure, transportation, education, industrial/commercial development, healthcare, housing, environmental facilities and pension obligations.